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Control your reputation online & increase sales by becoming the most trusted law firm in your area.

Direct your prospective law firm leads to credible, trustworthy reviews on Top Rated Local® to enhance your law firm’s reputation and win new business.

Trust underpins your online marketing success.

You can do everything right in marketing your law firm online, but if you have trust issues, you’ll have trouble scheduling consultations. Online reviews now have a major impact - reviews you usually have little control over. Top Rated Local® is a reputation management and review platform that offers credible, verified client reviews while giving your firm a degree of control over what’s said. Manage and approve/disapprove comments on the service dashboard to ensure unreasonable or even slanderous comments don’t affect your business. Guide leads from your website to these reviews to build trust and get new clients.

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Maintain the reputation that reflects your firm’s work.

You deserve to have some control over your online reputation.

Top Rated Local® makes getting and displaying strong reviews for your law firm a snap. Send a rating request to clients anytime. The system makes it easy for them to write comments and rate you on specific criteria like quality, experience, and timeliness. You verify all reviews so they’re legit and fair. Direct website visitors to these reviews through the Top Rate Local® trust badge. And your review page will rank on Google if someone searches for reviews for your law firm! You build trust, which is critical to winning new business.

Powerful reputation management software for law firms.

Control and build your reputation online with ease.

Only verified customers can rate your business. Plus, if a customer rates you poorly, you have up to 30 days to resolve their concerns and ask the customer to re-rate you. Also, all comments are kept private unless you choose to make them publicly visible.

Get found by prospects looking for a trusted law firm.

Law firm prospects are always looking for highly rated and trusted law firms. Top Rated Local’s search engine allows them to do this. Plus, when somebody looks for you on Google they see your high rating stars on the search page which builds trust!

Increase conversions with the Top Rated Local® badge & widget.

Our Top Rated Local® trust badge and widget is installed on your site to ensure your new visitors see just how credible your business is. This helps increase the conversion rate of your website and generate more new clients.

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