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85% of law firm clients click on the top 3 ads on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Use the #1 program to get on top.

Dominate the top 3 spots for law firm searches with Top Placement Ads®, and get the most leads from both desktop and mobile devices.

Target prospective clients at the right time with the right ad.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is about control. Imagine a client needs a divorce attorney. A PPC ad is like a billboard that reads their mind and puts the perfect ad before them just when they want to see it. Visibility is controlled by your bidding strategy and optimization methods. Top Placement Ads® is the best in the business at keeping your law firm ads in the top 3 spots at the lowest possible cost. We emphasize mobile search, where the top 3 spots are hugely important, then use data to inform your other marketing channels. Top placement means top results.

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Top rankings at lower costs.

Top Placement Ads® saves you time and money.

PPC is not easy. You can’t just have your firm’s receptionist or some college kid managing it. You’ll overspend for mediocre results. The advantage of having the pros manage your campaigns through Top Placement Ads® isn’t just better results - it’s lower costs. Google and Bing reward optimized, well-targeted campaigns with lower cost-per-click. You get higher ranking, lower costs, and save time.

Powerful paid search management software for law firms.

Run ads in the top 3 spots on Google, Bing and Yahoo with ease.

Run, manage and optimize Top Placement Ads® on Google, Bing and Yahoo from one platform. Login to Marketing 360® at any time to monitor your ads. Get more exclusive clients by being listed where 85% of people look for a law firms... the top 3 spots!

Use the best client generating keywords, ads & landing pages.

Get the most out of being listed at the top of search engines by using the best performing keywords, ads and landing pages when it comes to producing exclusive new law firm clients. All features are ready-to-go on day #1 with the Top Placement Ads® program.

Optimize Score™ algorithms get you more clients for less.

Save up to 100% on cost-per-click compared to industry average cost-per-click on Google Adwords! This helps your ads run longer and generate more clients for less cost. This also reduces your cost per client which increases your profit margins!

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Stop paying for competitor clicks and fraudulent clicks.

No more paying for competitor clicks and fraudulent clicks on your ads! Without Ad Fraud Protection™, this can be costly and prevent your ads from running when real clients are looking for a law firm due to lack of budget. Get protection, get more clients.

Compare your visibility on top keywords vs. your competitors.

See where you stack up against competitors in regards to running time for your ads on top keywords. If a competitor is running longer and higher than you for a client producing keyword you’ll know what you need to do to overtake them.

Intelligent reporting & analytics at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute tracking & analytics on your paid search ads and compare the Top Placement Ads® program with other client driving programs in seconds. Track key statistics such as Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ and more.

Case Study

See how Top Placement Ads® performed head-to-head compared to Google Adwords in this eye-opening recent case study.

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Fully Managed Pay Per Click Advertising for Law Firms

Why you need pay per click advertising for your law firm marketing.

Pay-per-click advertising is sometimes met with skepticism.  Law firms consider options, and think SEO is the way to go.  After all, why pay for something that – with persistence – you can get for free?

But search marketing is not like parking.  As you’re circling around, waiting for a spot, your competition is grabbing new clients.

Perhaps the biggest consideration with PPC advertising is rise in searches on mobile devices.

Google estimates that by the end of 2015, searches on mobile devices will be a higher volume than on desktops.

For business advertisers, this is especially important.  Why?  Simply consider the advertising real-estate on a mobile phone screen.

When someone does a search on their mobile device, the search results page displays much less content.  Usually, the only ad listings which can be seen without having to scroll down are paid ads.

Statistically, these ads are going to get more attention and response.  Mobile searches tend to be less research intense, so if you have a compelling ad at the top, you have a real advantage.

Top Placement Ads® is all about building that advantage.  Our fully managed platform:

  • Pushes advertisements out to both Google and Bing
  • Keeps your ads consistently at the top for highest visibility on mobile search
  • A/B split test ad copy to isolate the most effective messaging
  • Optimize ads to get the highest Quality score and lowest cost-per-click possible

Make sure potential clients searching for a lawyer find you on both desktops and mobile search.

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