Social Targeting Ads™

Understand the social profile of your traffic and use that data to capture new clients & customers.

Social Targeting Ads™ identifies important characteristics of your target audience so you can create social profiles that reach more of your ideal legal clients.

Know what your attorney leads responds to.

In marketing, one of the fundamentals is to know your target audience. When you can empathize with the prospective clients you’re trying to reach, you design higher performing marketing campaigns. Social Targeting Ads™ uses data analysis to get specific info on demographics, legal needs, informational interests, and emotional triggers. Your ads find prospects when their need is greatest and hit them with a message that strikes an emotional chord. We differentiate campaigns for specific groups, creating laser-targeted law firm advertising.

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Knowledge is profit.

Knowing your client’s needs is key to marketing success.

A wife contemplating divorce is considering attorneys. A businessman in trouble is looking into bankruptcy. Different people, different legal needs. Yet most law firms use one, general marketing strategy to reach both. Results improve dramatically when you use Social Targeting Ads® to create advertisements that meet the needs of the prospect. Use that data to advertise across the web to people with similar profiles. Data gold.

Powerful social marketing software for law firms.

Increase the convertibility of your website with social profiling data.

See what age, gender, interests, buzz words and websites your prospects browse and more. Plus, see where your prospects live and if certain cities convert better than others. With this data, a more convertible website design is created to generate more clients.

Increase visibility by running targeted ads to new prospects.

Use Social Targeting Ads to target potential prospects that fit the social profile of your traffic with banner ads across thousands of websites. For example, you can target prospects between the age of 25 and 65 in your area talking about the buzz word “law firm” socially.

Improve social ads over time for increased results.

Built-in optimization algorithms help you get more clients for less, over time, by funnelling more budget toward top performing social ads and improving under-performing social ads. No other social targeting program available today can match it!

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