Natural Listing Ads®

Earn more organic clients & higher keyword rankings with the #1 SEO program for law firms.

Natural Listing Ads® is an SEO program for law firms that gets page one rankings, then makes sure they turn into profitable traffic and new clients.

Law Firm SEO with conversion goals.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has kind of a bad rep. Why? Most SEO firms taute success with keyword rankings - and that’s it. The problem is that rankings are of no value if they don’t result in conversions and new clients. Natural Listing Ads® is an SEO program that’s underpinned by conversion-goals. We don’t just want any traffic to your law firm website, we want targeted, profitable traffic. Content is not just about keywords, it’s also about persuading prospective clients to reach-out to you. When it comes to lead-generation, Natural Listing Ads® is the full ROI picture.

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Fully managed SEO.

With Natural Listing Ads®, your SEO team is on-top of it.

If you hate SEO, you’re not alone. You know where you want to be, but don’t know how to get there. And if you knew, you wouldn’t have the time. Natural Listing Ads® takes this burden off your plate so you can spend time being a lawyer for the clients your SEO delivers. Your Marketing Executive will manage content creation and optimize your website. You can add content if you wish. Overtime, the flow of leads increases, improving the value of your organic traffic. When you’re dominating organic search in your target area, you’re getting the best value in digital marketing.

Powerful SEO software for law firms.

Track Organic Keywords & increase their SEO rankings.

Rank at the top of search engines like Google & Bing for your top search terms/keywords. Track and analyse keywords in one place. See how many keywords rank and where. Watch as keywords move up in search and generate more clients.

Get powerful Organic Ad Copy™ that draws in more clients.

Ranking highly for your top search terms/keywords is not enough! Get your SEO listings to stand out from your competitors and earn the most clicks and clients by using proven-to-work Organic Ad Copy™. Then, track the performance of your listings in one place.

Compare your SEO Optimize Score™ with your competitors.

Want to know how well your website is optimized for a keyword compared to your competitors? Easy! The SEO Optimize Score™ tool allows you to do just that. Enter your keywords, enter your competitors and the tool does the rest. Plus, compare other SEO metrics.

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Improve organic landing pages & turn traffic into clients.

Most SEO programs and services neglect the organic landing pages but they are conceivably the most important part of the SEO process, which is taking hard-earned traffic and turning it into actual, consistent client flow. Get your SEO landing pages optimized!

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Build content with ease!

Have SEO content created for your top organic search terms/keywords and watch your rankings leap over your competitors and the clients begin to flow in. All content is created through the Marketing 360® platform by professional writers.

Intelligent reporting & SEO analytics at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute tracking & analytics on your organic traffic and compare the Natural Listing Ads® program with other traffic driving programs in seconds. Track key statistics such as Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ and more.

The Importance of SEO

Results driven SEO is essential to the success of your brand long-term.
Learn how the Natural Listing Ads® program drives that success.

Make Sure Your Law Firm Gets Found Online With Effective SEO Practices

Search engine optimization is an integral part of your law firm marketing plan.  Get found, build trust, and turn online searchers into new clients for your practice.

SEO is all about authority.  The websites that rank at the top of organic results have established a level of content authority in Google’s digital view of things.  For general terms or specific legal issues, Google thinks people in your area will want to see your website.

Developing that authority is what the tricks of the trade are all about with SEO.  Ultimately, it still does come down to keywords and content.  But the keywords are variations on phrases, and the content has to be useful to people.  Today, it’s more about being true than tricky.

SEO is also advertising – an often overlooked aspect of the discipline.  While many people begin their search with the intent of getting information, most of them are in need of legal services – or they wouldn’t be searching on legal topics.

Legal online content works best when it combines useful, introductory information with persuasive calls-to-action that imply the best step is to get a consultation and retain counsel.

Natural Listing Ads is an SEO service that puts these pieces together for your law firm.  We look at all the factors – from social media to keyword targeting – and ensure that you get a strong, organic search presence.

In the end, it’s about long-term returns.  The biggest advantage of SEO traffic is that you don’t pay per click, unlike PPC advertising (which has its own set of advantages).

So, the more traffic you can draw in, the more chance you have to get new clients.

Make the investment in SEO done right, and over-time you’ll see excellent returns.

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