Local Listing Ads™

Add, update, sync, enhance and monitor your business listings across hundreds of local sites.

For law firms, SEO means local SEO. Being findable for geo-targeted searches and listed on local directories delivers highly convertible traffic to your law firm website.

Local attorney searches are prime traffic.

Today, Google and Bing are built to understand not just what searches want, but where they want it. For law firms looking to generate leads in their area, it’s vital that your location is tied into your search engine optimization. Local Listing Ads™ is a system that ensures your contact information is accurately listed on hundreds of local directories. You can be found on these directories, and search engines use this info to verify where you do business - which affects your website ranking for local searches. With Local Listing Ads™, nearby attorney leads will find your website and schedule consultations.

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Local listings has never been easier.

Get your firm listed on local directories with one click.

Listing your law firm’s contact information on local directories used to be sickeningly tedious. Who has time to type in a address two-hundred times? And if it’s not exactly the same on every directory, it messes-up how Google reads your location. With Local Listing Ads™, all you do is put in your information once, then the system pushes it out to every directory. Need to update? Do it once then click to update everywhere. Simple, accurate and fast.

Business listing management software for law firm.

Add and update your business listing in one place.

Add your business to all relative local sites.Then, keep your listings correct, updated and uniform. More listings means more visibility. With great visibility and accurate, catchy listings, you’ll gain more traffic and sales.

Keep track of your local listings & link to all your profile pages.

Get listed in hundreds of local sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing/Microsoft Sites, Apple Maps, Siri, Facebook, Twitter, TomTom Navigation, MapQuest, Yellowbook.com, AOL Sites, Yellowpages.com and more.

Update your social media content from the same interface.

Local Listing Ads™ automatically monitors for reviews posted online about you. All reviews appear in your dashboard. Search reviews by keywords, site or location. See how many reviews there are posted about you and your average rating.

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