Additional Features

Marketing 360® has tons of additional features to help you drive amazing marketing.

Marketing 360® is the premiere all-in-one marketing solution for law firms. Manage email marketing, social media, call tracking and more, all from a central platform.

Power and simplicity meet.

There is no shortage of digital marketing tools for law firms. Rather, the problem is there are too many. From email marketing to Facebook, you bounce from platform to platform, unsure of what attorney leads you’re reaching. Marketing 360® solves this by giving you a single platform that manages all your digital marketing assets. You can set budgets, send email blasts, initiate campaigns, assign marketing tasks, and track results from your desktop or phone. Integrated, simple, and powerful.

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Marketing minus the headaches.

One marketing tool means more results with less work.

Digital marketing can’t come to fruition without integration. Your law firm needs a cohesive marketing plan, not plans for each platform you work on. Without integration, you spend more time organizing than optimizing. The answer is simple: Marketing 360®. Manage everything in one place. Access email marketing, call tracking, social media, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and more. Assign work from you phone. Save time while getting a clear picture of what your law firm’s marketing is accomplishing. Simplicity at its best.

Powerful analytics software for law firms.

Use Conversion Inbox to track all your conversions in one place.

Track conversions up-to-the-minute with Conversion Inbox. Track web conversions and call conversions with built-in call tracking via the My Click-to-Calls™ program. Accurately tracking conversions is essential to measuring results.

Assign tasks in minutes so everything gets done on time.

Need something done? Assign a task to the creative team of designers, developers or content creators. Also assign tasks to your Marketing Executive or even another member of your team. All tasks are easily managed and organized from one interface.

Track any and all activities so you know what happens when.

Stay on top of what’s happing with automated and detailed activity tracking. Review the log whenever you’d like as well as easily email reports to business partners and team-mates in seconds. Never miss a thing with the built-in activity log.

Plans & Pricing

Use the keyword research tool to find your best search terms.

An easy to use keyword research tool is built right into the platform. Find the best keywords based on search volume and average CPC. Just enter a keyword to get strong keyword suggestions which can be narrowed down from there.

Setup and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing 360® helps you manage all your email marketing campaigns with ease. Also leverage our talented designers to create beautiful and marketable email templates on demand!

Get social media management and run social media ads.

No time to manage your social media? No problem, use Marketing 360's® on demand services to have your social media platforms fully managed. Also access paid search management services for Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads and YouTube ads.

Plans & Pricing

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