Digital Marketing Analytics

Get a bird's eye view of your digital marketing analytics to see what's working and what's not in one place.

Manage and compare all your law firm’s marketing channels on one platform with Marketing 360® Digital Marketing Analytics. Modify your campaigns and build off your successes to win more clients.

Learn what’s working to market your law firm, and do more of it.

Digital marketing is not a set-and-forget game. It’s rare that you’ll optimize a campaign and get the best possible results on your first try. Instead, you use data to discover what works - and what doesn’t. By doing more of what does work, you get more value out of your long-term marketing efforts. Digital Marketing Analytics is both the tools that gather data and - more importantly - analysis that finds your marketing gems. It’s the heart of Law Firm Marketing 360®, where your Marketing Executive trims what’s not working and funnels resources that drive the highest ROI.

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How to turn data into ROI.

Data is only as valuable as your understanding of it.

Who are your best law firm clients? What’s the best way to reach them? What marketing channels are most effective? You need accurate, updated answers to these questions. Otherwise, you’ll fall into the old trap: We know half of our marketing isn’t working, we just don’t know which half. Digital Marketing Analytics is a continuously updating marketing report you can access at anytime. You compare all your marketing channels on one, easy to understand platform. Then work with your Marketing Exec to plan success. Data is the key. Marketing 360® is what opens the door to your highest ROI.

Powerful analytics software for law firms.

Compare Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility® across channels.

Compare the visibility, clickability and convertibility® of your different digital marketing channels to see which ones are driving the most views, visits and results so you can execute better marketing based on data and not guesswork.

Use the budget estimator to project results in seconds.

The budget estimator helps you determine what kind of results you'll get based on your budget. The tool uses your past data to forecast future results. See what your projections are if you move your budget up or down in seconds.

Compare KPIs across all digital channels over any time-frame.

Track and compare key performance indicators across any digital marketing channel over any time period to see if the trend is going up or down. This is a fast and easy way to see how things are progressing with your digital marketing.

Plans & Pricing

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